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Transforming ideas into digital products

What we do

Causania is a software development studio focused on bringing your ideas to reality. From simple mobile apps to large-scale, big data powered products, we take care of the entire process to deliver your product to the market.


iPhone, iPad and Android applications


Data storage and analysis, web services, API design and integration. Infrastructure setup, monitoring and alerts


Web and Facebook applications to complement the mobile product

How we do it

  • The idea: Discussing the goal of the product is the first step. We make sure you understand what the technological possibilities are.
  • The proposal: Together we prioritize the features and define milestones to get to a MVP as soon as possible.
  • The craftsmanship: We work closely with you and deliver often, incorporating your feedback into the product.
  • The launch: App store submission. Domain and website setup. Email server. Everything needed to put the product out there.
  • The follow-up: Metrics collection, analytics reports, A/B Testing, maintenance and more.

Why work with us

We understand the importance of having a product on the street to validate your idea as soon as possible.

Our experience comes from working with startups in the telco, news, online dating and other areas, participating in different stages of the product: starting from scratch, implementing new features or scaling the product to support millions of users.

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